Coffee, Tea, and Me

Everyone is entitled to live their life in their own way. Whether someone practices Ahimsa (non violence) towards animals or towards themselves through incessant self is all the same. Whether someone practices Saucha (purity) through abstaining from coffee/alcohol/sex or the with the judgmental thoughts they have about others and is all the same. Whether someone practices tapas (self-discipline) in their yoga practice (not just the 1/8 Asana approach, but all eight limbs of yoga) or at the gym pumping iron…it is all the same.

Though I personally do not eat animals, I have self defeating thoughts more often than I wish. Though I do not drink coffee, pop, or alcohol, and am currently celibate I have times of judging others based on my own perceptions of them. Though I practice yoga and go to the gym, I often need to remind myself that yoga is more that just about twisting myself into a pretzel.

I have friends that hunt, I have friends that drink, I have friends that need their coffee every morning. I have friends that are bodybuilders. I have friends that meditate and practice yoga.
It is the diversity of my friends and my acceptance of them that helps me practice my Satya (truthfulness) by being mindful of my need to “belong” versus my need to grow.

Everyone in my life brings to me a lesson, a gift, and a new perspective. (and I can say everyone one, because I have reached a place where those that harm, injure, judge, envy, and try to control me because they can not accept me for who I am…well, they are no longer in my life)

And that is all I am going to say about that! 😉


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